Perry and Dorrie Nelson

Perry has grown up on this yard and has farmed for most of his life. 

His grandfather settled here from Sweden. 

We have lived here together since 1980

As well as being a farmer,

Perry, my husband, also works at an abattoir in Wetaskiwin, 

and occasionally will build me some furniture. 

Caleb our oldest son (back right) is a musician in Edmonton. 

His wife Misha is a teacher, and also a musician in Edmonton. 

Daniel and his wife Theresa (front) live a few miles away from us.

Daniel is a floor layer. They have a beautiful daughter, Aleks,

and a gorgeous son, Brock.

Daniel and Theresa also have Puggle puppies. 

Theresa's cell number is 780.312.8438 if you need a Puggle puppy :-) 

Sharla, our only daughter (middle) lives in Edmonton.

Sharla is a dog walker/ dog breeder in Edmonton, she also has a doggie daycare. 

Sharla's husband, Nathan Willis, helps people with their computers at the UofA

They were married June 1/13.

That's when this picture was taken. 

Sharla breeds Bugg puppies, and Boston Terrier puppies.

You can see her Facebook page at 

'Sharla's Canine Cuddles'