Millie :-)
Millie was born Jan 9, 2014.
Millie is a very active, playful girl.

This is Rexie, Gir and Cake :-)

These lovely ladies belong to my daughter, Sharla. 

Rexie (black, small blaze) is retired. She had many beautiful babies, but now gets to be a pet and live the life of leisure. 

Gir (black, big blaze). Gir will have Buggs and maybe Bostons as well.  

Cake (chocolate girl). Cake will soon have her first family. We're not sure if they will be Buggs or Bostons. 

If you'd like to contact Sharla about her doggies, and up coming babies, feel free to check out her Facebook page, 'Sharla's Canine Cuddles'. 

She is also a dog walker in Edmonton, so if you need someone to walk your furry friend, she's the one for you!!