Brittany Spaniel

Sammie was our first breeding dog. We got her in 2005. 

She had beautiful Brittany Spoodles, and one litter of purebred Brittany Spaniels.

Cocker Spaniels

All of our Cocker Spaniel's had beautiful Cockapoo puppies.

Defer :-)

Stevie :-)

Honey :-)

Layla :-)

Bella :-)

Charlie :-)

Jade :-)

Sully :-)

Nelly :-)

Bella :-)

Georgia :-)


All of our Schnauzers had beautiful Schnoodles.

Bugs :-)

Rosie :-)

Lily :-)

I am very fortunate to have Lily come and live with me :-)

This is my daugher Sharla hanging out with Lily.

Daisy :-)

Nessy :-)

Sasha :-) 
We are lucky to have Sasha in our house! She is such a sweet lovely girl!!

Boston Terriers
Our Boston Terriers had lovely Bugg (Boston Terrier, Pug cross) 

Piggy :-)


All of our Poodles are boys. They were daddy's to the Cockapoos and Schnoodles. 

Toby :-)

Puffy :-)

     Hershey :-)

Mr. Big :-) 

Mr. Big went to live with his sister Khloe. So cool!!!



Maggie went to live with one of her sons :-) Such a lucky girl!!

Maggie and Flynn :-)



We had my son and daughter-in-law's boxers at our place for a few years. 

It was so fun having boxer babies!! :-)

Lexy :-)

Jonah :-)